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The majority of artificial grass is laid on a prepared crushed rock base with a thin layer of screeded sand (very similar to paving) on top to create exacting smoothness to the finished surface Edges are pinned with long galavnised nails and surface is spread with a filler sand to keep the arificail grass firmly in position.

Artificial Turf  Synthetic Grass is a surface manufactured from synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass. It is most often used in arenas for sports and is now being extensively used in residential and commercial applications. The main reason for installation is it provides low maintenance requirements.


    • Artificial turf can be a better solution when the environment is particularly hostile to natural grass. An arid environment or one where there is little natural light are examples.
    • Artificial turf can withstand significantly more use than natural grass and can therefore be used much more frequently.
    • Ideal for holiday homes when maintenance of lawns is not practical. It is also a solution for elderly home-owners who find the upkeep of lawns too much hard work.
    • Suitable for roof gardens and swimming pool surrounds.


    • Some artificial turf requires infill such as silicon sand and/or granulated made from recycled car tires. This material may carry heavy metals which can leach into the water table.
    • Periodic disinfection is required as pathogens are not broken down by natural processes in the same manner as natural turf. Despite this, recent studies suggest certain microbial life is less active.
    • Friction between skin and artificial turf causes abrasions and/or burns to a much greater extent than natural grass.
    • Artificial turf tends to be much hotter than natural grass when exposed to the sun.